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  • UI & UX Design,
  • Web Development

Tjipta Design is a contractor company based in Indonesia and focuses on interior design services, industrial development, to commercial development which has been trusted to be a partner of several leading companies in Indonesia.

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Expand company partnerships and demonstrate the quality.

To expand the company, Tjipta Design wants to show their best works with case studies that are easy to understand, so it can provide greater opportunities in the future for more partnership and big projects.

Experience of Digital Transformation

Each project certainly has its own story that might be a source of knowledge for the audience out there and it can be a value for company, therefore a website can be the main choice to describe a case study of each project which is certainly wrapped with an efficient attractive design.

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  • UI & UX Design,
  • Web Development

Boemisora is a tourist spot located on the slope of Merbabu mountain, right in the middle of a beautiful village known as ‘Polobogo’. It’s perfectly situated on a hill that is flanked by two rivers (Gopak & Parat) with a crystal-clear view to the southwest side of Rawa Pening.

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