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Fabulous work created from the lessons of every experience.

Decodes media gives maximum ability to produce amazing work and useful strategy for business development in the creative digital era. So our slogan in building the spirit of work is critical thinking, modern solutions, and exclusive design, because that's all we will give in each of our works.

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Web Development

We develop a modern site and create it with passion to convert visitors into customers for your business.

Web development is one of the services where we can help to developing a website for your business needs. A website can help a business to expand their market reach and maximize their target market. Apart from having interesting information, the website also has an exclusive design and focus in great SEO to reach a maximum value.

  • Company Profile Web
  • Personal Portfolio Web
  • Company Catalogue Web
  • E-Commerce Web
  • Article Web
  • Wordpress Development

User Interface

We built a modern user interface design and adjust it according to creative business needs.

In this creative digital era, a website, application or digital advertisement must have an attractive design and be easily understood by the user. So we can boost up the value by designing a modern user interface design for website and application in this creative digital era.

  • Website UI
  • Android/IOS App UI
  • Digital Campaign UI
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Enterprise UX 3D

Enterprise UX

We built enterprise UX that focused on efficiency of enterprise system flow.

A great system must be supported by a good and efficient flow, because one of the important things that must be considered in making a system itself is ease of use. So, we try our best to design a good and efficient UX flow/design for every business sector.

  • Website UX Flow
  • Android/IOS App UX Flow
  • Business System UX Flow

Digital Strategy

We think about digital strategy for businesses to come up with something new and creative.

Strategic renewal is needed to help a business develop in this digital industry, because in this industry every business is required to always be fresh and follow existing trends. So if your business has confusion on how to update digital strategies, we can help in doing research and develop your business with the valuable strategy.

  • Website / App Implementation Strategy
  • Digital Campaign Implementation Strategy
  • Target Market Strategy
  • Social Media Design
Digital Strategy 3D
Digital Consultation 3D

Digital Business Consultation

We are ready to listen and provide consultation to help every business plan in the creative digital industry.

A digital business must always be updated to grow in a market that has more and more competitors. We have to think carefully and critically to choose the right concept in the digital field, Besides being able to provide a great digital service and fresh ideas, we can try to make something big together.

  • Business Strategy Consulting
  • Digital Development Consulting for Company

This is our work process to get the best results for your business future.

Analyze all the problems, competitors, markets and combine them into an opportunity.

The analysis we do aims to find out all the possibilities that exist, and can make the results of the analysis into a mature concept and vision. The analysis itself is an important and main stage, because the results of the analysis will also shape how future business strategies will work.

Design is a visual image not only to be seen but it's deserve to be feels.

A digital design can help digital campaigns in business, with an attractive and good design, the public will feel curious about the services offered. So after analysis, we can discuss digital designs that are suitable and in line with the business vision.

Good business is supported by good flow and efficient system functionality.

With a system that can help business development in the digital industry, it is necessary to mature the flow of the system and test its ease of use, so at this stage we are required to be able to design an efficient and appropriate system for a modern business process.

Quality Testing is done not only for a formality but also for the best quality.

To produce the best quality, not only focus on the production period, but also focus on the quality testing phase because from this testing we can fix anything that is lacking from various points of view, and maximize quality.

Launching a work is not only seen from its perfection but also from its vision and mission.

After going through several phases in a project, in the last phase, it is very necessary to re-formulate the launch of a work so that when this work is launched it is certain that this will benefit many people in this digital industry.

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