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Mandiri Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in Indonesia that is classified as a BUMN. Mandiri Bank has become one of the influential factors in the country's economy and has a program to develop small and medium-sized businesses, and one of their consequences is by building a CV Retail Credit Operation.

Make the system easier with the implementation of friendly UI Design.

CV Retail Credit Operation of Mandiri Bank needs the creation and development of User Interface with user friendly and effective design to be implemented into their systems, so the system becomes more effective with modern design.

Experience of Digital Transformation

The development of the UI Design in one of the credit system divisions at Bank Mandiri can help in the ease of use of the system, this is because the user friendly design and looks modern to use.

Digital implementation, especially UI design is also one aspect that supports the system to be more suitable for use in this modern era.

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Gabriel Skincare Clinic is a clinic that focused on skin health and have a beautician who is with happy to provide the best service to every customer with beneficial treatments using modern technology at affordable prices.

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