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Rumahtangga Production is a production house that was born in Semarang, Indonesia. Rumahtangga Production was filled by people who are very passionate in the creative world, our company will develop in a larger scope, we produce films, series and branded content, we believe that stories can take every heart of audiences.

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Share valuable works with passion in the digital era

Developments in the digital era require all areas of business to adapt, one of which is production houses which now have to start sharing their work through a modern website website.

Experience of Digital Transformation

A work made with passion must be balanced with media that can share these works beautifully and attractively, so a website can be a solution for Rumahtangga Production to share their high-value works.

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Concreate Studio

  • Web Development

Concreate Studio is a production house that is domiciled in Semarang and focuses on the production of advertisements or short videos that aim to maximize advertisements in digital media.

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