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Platinum Wira Persadha

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Platinum Wira Persadha is a company that was engaged in the distribution and manufacturing of lamps, especially those based on LED (Light Emitting Diode). Along with technological developments and innovations in the world lighting industry, Platinum Wira Persadha want to offer solutions for the needs of indoor and outdoor lighting in Indonesia.

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Commitment to be one of the best through digital transformation.

Platinum Wira Persadha are committed to providing innovative products with the latest technology and the best quality. Then to support the commitment, Platinum Wira Persadha transform their business into digital based business.

Experience of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is now needed to support a company to become one of the best in this digital era. Of course, besides increasing sales performance, it also provides a positive view from the public about companies that are always up to date and committed to the digital industry.

The company's commitment is already good, but with digital support the potential to become one of the best is even greater.

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Amare Media Group

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Amare Media Group is the biggest digital reseller company to create a strong brand image, organized online and offline event and also make commercial videos for digital ads. Amare Media Group currently focus on project such as a Behind the Scene for Filmmaking.

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