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  • UI & UX Design,
  • Web Development,
  • Graphic Design

Invenite Indonesia is a digital platform that provides easy solutions for digital-based warehouse management. Invenita has a vision to make it easy to get interesting data from the warehouse for the company's future business analysis needs.

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Increase the platform's credibility through an informative website.

As a new digital platform, Invenite Indonesia needs a website-based digital media with a modern and informative design, because Invenite wants to provide important information so that it is conveyed clearly and in detail to potential users.

Experience of Digital Transformation

Invenite Indonesia, which has a vision to be the one of the great digital platforms trying to maximize the existence of digital media in this era, so Invenite choose a website to be able to provide a great experience for potential users in accessing detailed information about them.

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Soundlit Studio

  • UI & UX Design,
  • Web Development

Soundlit Studio is an audio branding agency based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and focuses on developing audio for corporate and brand needs.

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