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Concreate Studio

  • Web Development

Concreate Studio is a production house that is domiciled in Semarang and focuses on the production of advertisements or short videos that aim to maximize advertisements in digital media. On the other hand, Concreate Studio also has a vision in developing a high quality advertisement with an interesting story.

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Share a interesting story through an elegant website.

With the fast development of digital era, modern production houses like Concreate Studio really need a media to be able to share stories that are easily accessible anywhere and anytime.

Experience of Digital Transformation

Concreate Studio has a purpose to share works and stories in every advertisement or short film they make, but Concreate Studio needs a media that is easily accessible with an elegant minimalist look so that it is user friendly in this modern era.

With the development of a portfolio website for Concreate Studio, this will become a supporting media that can share their best works.

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Orika Bags

  • UI & UX Design,
  • Web Development

Orika Bags is a branded product store located in Jakarta, Indonesia and focuses on buying and selling high quality branded products.

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