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Amare Media Group

  • UI & UX Design,
  • Web Development

Amare Media Group is the biggest digital reseller company to create a strong brand image, organized online and offline event and also make commercial videos for digital ads. Amare Media Group currently focus on project such as a Behind the Scene for Filmmaking.

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Provide the best experience with a unique agency concept.

As an agency that upholds quality original concepts, Amare Media Group also wants to provide an overview of the quality of their services by publishing their own agency website with great original concepts as well.

Experience of Digital Transformation

Show off the work quality must be done carefully, and of course they have to do well planning so that messages conveyed through digital media can reach the audience well, so as a great quality agency, they choose to show off their work quality through the modern website.

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3G Power Computer

  • UI & UX Design,
  • Web Development,
  • SEO Boosting

3G Power Computer is a company that focus on IT sector and become one of the biggest company in Indonesia. They are authorized master dealer of various brands for laptops, desktop PCs, projectors, printers, and computer accessories.

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