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3G Power Computer is a company that focus on IT sector and become one of the biggest company in Indonesia. They are authorized master dealer of various brands for laptops, desktop PCs, projectors, printers, and computer accessories. 3G Power Computer applies a business model that focuses on B2B, B2C, and B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer).

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Continue to improve the company's credibility in the digital era.

As a company that has grown up in 20 years, of course, digital transformation is needed by companies to avoid losing competitiveness in the business market, especially because 3G Power Computer is focus on IT sector, which must run continuously with current technological developments.

Experience of Digital Transformation

To be able to remain competitive in the IT business sector, increasing credibility is quite necessary, one solution is the development of a modern website and publication of articles that related to technology, because it will be helpful in maximizing website SEO.

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  • UI & UX Design,
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Tjipta Design is a contractor company based in Indonesia and focuses on interior design services, industrial development, to commercial development which has been trusted to be a partner of several leading companies in Indonesia.

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